Wrist Joint Pain?

Wrist joint pain can have a number of causes. If you are experiencing wrist pain, every day activities including eating, driving, opening doors and jars, and even writing can be painful and difficult. What is the cause of your pain and what are the best treatment options?

Wrist Anatomy

The wrist is comprised of two bones of the forearm, the radius and ulna, and a row of carpal bones of the hand. In addition, various tendons cross the joint to allow for movement of the the wrist and fingers. Nerves also cross the joint and function to innervate muscles that allow for movement. Injury to any one of these structures can lead to pain and limited function.

Use the following information and treatment recommendations to help relieve your symptoms and guide you back to the activities you enjoy.

wrist pain

Wrist Arthritis
Arthritis can affect any joint in the body. How do you know if your symptoms are associated with arthritis? Learn more about this condition and your treatment options.

Wrist Tendonitis
Tendonitis can be a common source of wrist symptoms. How do you know if you have tendonitis? What are the causes and the best treatment options?

Scaphoid Fracture
A scaphoid fracture is not the most common wrist fracture. How is a fracture of the scaphoid different than other fractures? Learn what you can do to help minimize symptoms and ensure a quick recovery.

Ganglion Cyst
Do you have an unexplained bump on your wrist? It could be a ganglion cyst. What causes these cysts? Is surgery necessary and if not, how can they be treated?

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