What is going on with my shoulder all the way down to my finger tips

by Sonia
(Lake Arthur, La. USA)

Questions: My aches start at the tip of my left shoulder an bother me all the way down to my fingers... the pinky an ring finger seems to be bothered the most ! Very,very,very achy ? I feel my tendons are super sensitive . What can I do to relieve this issue?

Answer: Sorry to hear of your issues. Symptoms that radiate from you shoulder into your fingers indicate a nerve issue, most likely coming from your neck. Most with such symptoms do not have any neck pain although the nerve is being pinch at the level of the neck. I would suggest using ice on your neck 10 min at a time a few times a day. Try to avoid positions that aggravate you pain. Consider seeing your MD to evaluate the cause of your nerve pain.

Hope this helps.

JTrempe PT, ATC

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