This tear is larger then the 1st one

by Robert Beltran
(Bellflower, Ca.)

May 25, was the day I had my accident and had a massive rotator tear. FINDINGS; I had at least a partial tear of the subscapularis. There is at least a partial tear of the infraspinatus. The Biceps tendon is medially subluxed. there is a full thickness tear of the supraspinatus. Their is edema in the infraspinatus,supraspinatus, and teres minor muscle. Their is a large joint effusion. Fluid in all the bursae,and edema in the rotater musculature. Surgery performed arthroscopically on Nov.5. Dr. recommends Post-opp to start 2 to 3 after surgery. I decided it on 7 days before staring my physical therapy.My Dr. recommended 3 days a week for post opp. i decided just on 2 days of post-opp.and stretching and iceing almost every day .Having problems through entire post opp. Three weeks after surgery, I go see my Dr. I tell him my shoulder fells like its dislocated, Dr. replies,"Just give it time. Going into week 4, trying to use my arm more,still Having problems with all exercises. Here we are in the 4th week and I'm have pain doing any of my exercises.About the 5th week I finally can raise my arm above my head in pain,but now my humeruous head pops and grinds bone on bone, girlfriend says my shoulder looks deformed .when I raise my hand above my head. 2nd visit to my Dr due to to my demand. I tell my Dr. something is wrong with my shoulder. Dr. says, why do you say that. Dr. your not suppose to have this two finger gap between my humerous head and my socket. So he asked for the ultra sound machine ,put it to my shoulder and said "Your shoulder looks ripped again. 2nd MRI reveals an even larger rotater tear then 1st one. My Dr not being straight with me, so I dont trust him.2nd surgery In about 2 weeks.


Well, it sure doesn't sound like you've had a good experience with your shoulder. I definitely feel that if you don't trust this doctor you should get a second opinion and consider having another surgeon do this second surgery. It appears that your first repair failed and that could be from a number of reasons. But, from your comments it appears that you don't trust him and I would not recommend having any surgery with a doctor you don't trust.

Get a second opinion and find a doctor you trust.

Hope this helps.

~JTrempe PT, ATC

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