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If a picture is worth a thousand words, what about video? Surgery videos are designed to give insight into what is involved with a specific procedure. Deciding to undergo any surgery is not an easy choice. Whether your child is about to undergo scoliosis surgery or if you are considering what type of carpal tunnel surgery would be best, making the choice to undergo a surgical procedure is not an easy one.

Having information on what to expect generally helps to minimize anxiety and prepare you for what to expect. If you are considering undergoing any of these surgical procedures, use these videos to learn more about the procedure , what questions to ask your surgeon, and what you can do to help ensure a positive outcome.

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Spine Surgeries

For those experiencing spinal stenosis , this laminectomy surgery will be of interest. Spinal stenosis is a narrowing of a space that houses the spinal cord or nerve roots within the spine. A laminectomy is a surgical procedure used to remove the section of the spine called the lamina. The removal of this section is used to decompress the spinal cord and nerve roots, thus relieving pressure and symptoms.

If your child is experiencing scoliosis, this video of a scoliosis surgery may be helpful for you. How exactly does this surgery straighten the spine? This animation details how it is done.

Degenerative Disc Disease is just one of the potential reasons to undergo a spinal fusion. This spinal fusion video will detail what is involved in this common spinal surgery.

Are you experiencing low back pain or sciatica symptoms secondary to a bulging disc? Before considering surgery you might be interested in learn more about what is involved with herniated disc surgery.

Upper Extremity Surgeries

Are you considering carpal tunnel surgery? If so then your surgeon may have discussed the different surgical procedures used: the open procedure and the endoscopic. Check out this carpal tunnel surgery video and compare the open procedure to the endoscopic release to learn which one might be best for you.

If you’ve sustained a rotator cuff tear, you’ll want to know what rotator cuff surgery involves by watching the surgery video on this page. And if you have experienced significant shoulder arthritis, a shoulder replacement might have been suggested. Although not a common surgery, this shoulder replacement video will give you insight into how it is done.

Lower Extremity Surgeries

In severe cases of hip osteoarthritis, and when conservative treatment has failed, a hip replacement might be the best option. View this hip replacement video to view an animation of this surgical procedure.

Just like the hip, significant knee osteoarthritis can sometimes lead to knee replacment surgery. This total knee replacment video is an animation of what knee replacement surgery involves.

If you’ve had an ACL tear, then you might be considering ACL surgery. There are a variety of choices when considering the type of graft for ACL reconstruction. This ACL reconstruction video video is an example an ACL reconstruction using the patella tendon graft.

Have you suffered an achilles tendon rupture? Then you’ll want to watch this Achilles tendon repair video.

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