Could Superfeet shoe inserts
be right for you?

Superfeet shoe inserts are a great over-the-counter product for the treatment of foot joint pain. Many conditions including bunions, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, and even knee cap pain have a biomechanical cause. The most common biomechanical issue is flat feet or excessive pronation.

Unfortunately, when foot pain occurs, the temptation is to use a shoe insert that provides cushioning. There is an abundance of shoe inserts all designed to provide this extra cushioning. However, the most effective treatment is actually the opposite. Rather then providing extra cushioning, it is more effective to provide more stability. Doing so allows for painful tissues to be supported and undergo less stress.

foot pronation

Frequently doctors recommend obtaining a custom shoe insert in order to correct the issue of over pronation. However, custom shoe inserts can be quite expensive, costing up to $350. And although insurance may cover the visit to the doctor who measures you for them, they do not cover the custom insert itself. For many, purchasing a custom insert is simply not an option.

If possible, a more cost effective means of trying to help correct over pronation is to use an over-the-counter insert.

Why do I recommend Superfeet?

The reason I recommend these shoe inserts more than other over-the-counter inserts is because they are one of the few brands that are designed to provide increased support and stability and do so in a cost effective manner. A majority of over-the-counter shoe inserts are comprised mainly of foam and simply do not provide the support and stability needed to address the biomechanics of most foot conditions.

The inserts generally cost less than $45 and can be found in many sporting good stores. If you cannot find them in a store, visit their website for ordering information: Superfeet Store.

The inserts come in a variety of colors. The colors signify the amount of support supplied by the insert and the type of shoe and activity for which they will be utilized. Each insert has a plastic support that goes from the heel to the ball of the foot with the colored foam covering the top which can be trimmed to fit your shoe.

blue superfeet shoe inserts

As a physical therapist who is on my feet all day, I use these inserts myself to help provide foot stability. I use the blue, all purpose version as I do not have a history of any foot issues and do not over pronate.

I have recommend Superfeet often to my patients and have found them to be a valuable option to help provide the foot support necessary to reduce the pain associated with many types of foot conditions.

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