Shoulder pain caused by long term knee damage?

Do you know of any cases - or can you point me to a research site - that show that shoulder damage can be caused by 10 years of damaged knees?


I have been in the physical therapy realm for 20 years and cannot say that I have seen a clear case of knee issues causing shoulder damage. Of course if you had a tendency of moving/lifting in a way that stressed your shoulder because you were protecting your knees, over time it could contribute to shoulder damage. I have not seen any research case studies indicating such. In general there are so many different variables that can affect joint stress that it would be difficult to find a definite cause - effect relationship between a knee issue and a shoulder issue.

As for research, the best site for high quality research is It is the national institute of health website for high quality, peer reviewed research. I would recommend talking a look there if you are looking for a variety of studies.

Hope this helps.

JTrempe PT, ATC

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Feb 08, 2013
by: Anonymous

I could actually see how a shoulder could be affected with knee problems, in my opinion when you have a knee problem like th other person stated your gait will be off and if you lose your balance alot you would use your hand/arm to support and steady yourself.
I had to use a cane for many years after two ajor back operations, I then started t develop severe pain in my shoulder, I was seen by 3 Doctors and was told that the cane has caused he frozen shoulder. I can no longer use a cane, so now man times especially when I am tired I am sure people think I am drunk as I wobble along.

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