Shoulder Joint Pain?

Shoulder joint pain can mean an adjustment to your quality of life. When your shoulder hurts, activities such as reaching, lifting, and even sleeping can be limited. If you are suffering from a painful shoulder condition, help is here.

Use the following information and treatment strategies to help relieve your pain and get back to the things you enjoy.

shoulder pain

Do you have deep shoulder pain or clicking? You might have a labral tear. Learn more about labral injuries and the best treatment options.

Shoulder Replacement Surgery
If you have been suffering from arthritis and conservative treatment has failed, you may be considering replacement surgery. Learn more about this procedure and what to expect so you can prepare.

AC Joint Pain
Injury to the AC joint is often called a separation. Learn more about issues related to this joint injury and what can be done to help relieve AC joint pain.

Adhesive Capsulitis / Frozen Shoulder
This is one of the most painful and limiting shoulder conditions. Use this information to help guide you back to regaining your mobility and function.

Shoulder Arthritis
Although not as common as knee or hip osteoarthritis, shoulder arthritis can be just as debilitating. What is arthritis? How do you know if you have it? And what are the best treatment options?

Torn Rotator Cuff
Injury to the rotator cuff can be debilitating. Is surgery necessary? What can you do to avoid it? Click here to find out.

Rotator Cuff Surgery
Has surgery for your rotator cuff been recommended to you? Learn what to expect and how you can prepare so you can have the best outcome possible.

Shoulder Tendonitis
The shoulder relies on muscles and tendons for stability. Overuse of the rotator cuff tendons is a common cause of pain. Learn what you can do to reduce tendon pain.

Bicep Tendonitis
A tendon that crosses both the shoulder and elbow, inflammation of the bicep can greatly impact function. Learn what you can do to help.

Shoulder Dislocation
A dislocation is a significant injury. What exactly is injured with a dislocation? What is the typical treatment following a dislocation and is surgery necessary?

Shoulder Bursitis
Bursitis is a common source of shoulder joint pain. What is bursitis? How is it different than tendonitis? If you have bursitis, what are the best treatment options? Learn more about this condition and what you can do to help reduce your pain.

Shoulder Impingement
Impingement syndrome is a common source of shoulder pain. What is impingement syndrome? What are the best treatments for this type of injury? And finally, is surgery ever necessary?

Shoulder Blade Pain

Finding the source of scapula pain can be a challenge. Muscle strains are normally NOT the cause. If you have scapula pain read this page to find out what is.

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