Rotary cuff surgery


I had my rotary cuff surgery 9 wks ago and I am still in pain. My elbow and wrist hurt also. How long before this pain goes away. It's more like an achy feeling all the time.



A number of variables will impact your level of pain. At 9 weeks post op you should still be having formal physical therapy, have full active and passive shoulder range of motion, and be working on strengthening. If you are not, you are behind schedule. If you have pain in the elbow and wrist there is also a possibility that your neck may be contributing to your pain. Make sure to communicate with your therapist about these symptoms. I would also consider using ice on both your shoulder and neck.

It is very important that you be consistent with your home exercises. Continue to utilize ice even at this stage to help minimize your pain. If you have not met the goals of full range of motion, are not attending regular physical therapy, not doing your exercises on a regular basis, or not using ice, that is where I would start. Rotator cuff repairs can be painful and take time and effort but if you follow this plan your pain should improve.

Good luck.

JTrempe PT, ATC

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