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As a physical therapist I answer patients’ questions on a daily basis. ‘Will I need to have surgery?’, ‘Why does my leg hurt when I sit for extended periods of time?’ ‘Does Glucosamine really work?’ Patient education is the cornerstone of helping people understand their condition and what they can do about it.

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The same holds true for this website. The most common reason people contact me is to ask specific questions regarding issues they are facing. And, having a clear understanding of an injury or condition is the first step in helping to regain control of it.

However, as I have answered these questions on a one-to-one basis, I realized that there are probably plenty of others that could benefit from the information shared.

Thus, I have started this new Question and Answer forum. If you have a question regarding a specific injury, surgical procedures, or supplement, simply submit it using the form corresponding to the region below. I will post both your question and my answer.

In addition to asking questions, I encourage you to read thru some of the other questions and answers submitted and learn from other’s experiences.

Spine Related Questions (neck, lower back, sciatica, mid back pain)

Upper Extremity Questions (shoulder, elbow, hands)

Lower Extremity Questions (hip, knee, ankle, and feet)

Arthritis Questions

Miscellaneous Question (Can’t find a category that fits your question? Ask it here!)