Partial Knee replacement and still pain/swelling 5 weeks PostOP

by JamesAS
(San Francisco CA)

I had a work related injury 18 months ago. After menisicus removal, 2 sets of three shot series with cortisone between(not allowed to take the three shots every 6 months) I had a partial knee replacement.

Now I am a 51 Y/O person who seems to be in a lot more pain/discomfort and inability to sleep at night.

It's been 5 weeks POSTOP with continued swelling and pain.

I average about a total of 4-6 hours of sleep per night because of this. My routine is 2-3 hours of sleep, wake up, go ice it down in 'my chair' and try and fall back asleep for a couple of hours before work.

My work is only a desk job now, pushing paper with my knee iced thoughout the day.

Is this normal?

It was recommended to take the pain pills every night along with my ice to allow some comfort to me, but I am afraid of getting hooked on the pain pills.

I take a low dosage of Vicodan, the strong one doesn't help as much as the low dosage(with 325 Acetimonophen verses 500mg.

What are my options? My Surgeon suggests just give it time with along with physical therapy.

Hi James,

After 5 weeks post op you should be feeling less pain. I hope you are doing your home exercises on a daily basis as knees respond best to exercise/movement. One of the best things to help minimize knee pain in addition to ice is use a stationary bike. If the pain continues you might want to talk to your MD about taking an anti-inflammatory.

For a sample of early exercises following a knee replacement check out this page:

Good luck,

~JTrempe PT, ATC

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Apr 25, 2013
15 months later
by: James Staff

I'm the original poster to this thread.

I am 15 months out now, and still a lot of discomfort. I am still not sleeping through the night, not even on my vacations.
My doctor basically said, "It is what it is", and gave up for anything else.
The discomfort is from tightness around the knee, which I think is scarred tissue.
I am still having spasms and unable to bend it to my 135 degrees, which is what my other knee is doing. I can barely make it to 100-110 degrees then the tightness and pain sets in. I can't even straighten it fully.
It still is swollen, with not much hope. I've learned now at 52 years old, when I get a chance, just sit down. I don't even ice it anymore.

I still wake up halfway through the night, from the recliner, and try laying in bed for the remainder, before work or even my day off.

I am currently bicycling, average of 2-3 times a week from 10-30 miles.

So that is about where I stand now.

Any thoughts, suggestions?

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