Omega 3, Turmeric and organic Multi vitamin

by manny
(queens ny)

I'm 26 yrs old, i have ankylosing spondylitis. i take Celebrex 200mg once a day for my pain. sometimes i get muscle pain so i take tylenol for that. but some supplements i take help keep my arthritis pain and inflammation down and keeps my joints more flexible.

1. Omega 3 fish oil (brand names that I've used that are very good are Barleans. Source Naturals and Norwegan Gold. there are other good brands as well but these are the brands that I've used that has helped me. 1 softgel twice daily.

2. Turmeric (brand names New Chapter Turmeric Force. Gaia Herbs and KAL Turmeric Resveratrol. 1 softgel/tablet before bedtime.

3. Organic Multivitamin tablet-brand name is New Chapter, its 1 of the best food based multi vit. on the market. its expensive but worth the money.

4. Please remember people, there are certain types of foods u should avoid, or limit as much as possible. such as food that contain too much salt/sodium, sugar, starch, coloring, processed foods and red meat, and soft drinks. i know its hard to avoid junk food but u must limit your junk food intake and soda intake which is very bad for arthritis. try to drink water instead of any soft drinks and drink alot of water when taking any medicine or supplements to flush it out from your body. and if you are a person that doesn't get the time to go to the gym, at least find the time to walk 30 minutes a day and stretch out all your muscles before and after your sprint walk.

Doing all these things has really helped me manage my pain and live somewhat of a normal life. hope this info helps.

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