my lower back is hurting so much.


Hi everyone,

I write you because am in so much pain at my lower back. I have no idea of what caused it. The pain is so much that I cannot do any thing without being in pain. I feel pain at my lower back when I cough, take a deep breath, sneeze, sit up and moreso, I can not work straight as the pain is enormous. I really need your help as I do not know how to make this pain go away. Please I need your help as fast as possible. Thank you.


Sorry to hear about your pain. Your symptoms sound as if they are disc related as your pain is aggravated with coughing, sneezing and sitting. If you have not done already I would suggest viewing the page on bulging disc:

Here you will find specific solutions including exercises for helping reduce your pain.

Hope this helps and good luck.

~J Trempe PT, ATC

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