moving forward

by Marsha

I had a total hip replacement 4 months ago. I still have swelling and walk with a cane. Because I had non cement I had a longer haul.I couldn't put weight on that leg for 6 weeks.Walked with a walker.Still can't bend to tie my shoe, but I'm getting stronger and with the exercises I've been given I'm making great strides...It is a major surgery, so be prepared for a long healing process. I never had a surgery before and didn't know what to expect. I was surprised I guess to realize this is a process that will take 6mos to a year to get back to myself completely.

So be patient, do your exercises, eat well, and good luck!

Thanks for your comment! Yes, any time you have to be off of your leg for that amount of time you will have a longer recovery process. Muscles get weak very quickly and without using your leg, the muscles of the entire leg become weak.

It is very important thus to be consistent with the strengthening exercises, utilizing ice to minimize swelling, and walking as much as you can tolerate. Keep consistent and over time your function will improve.

~JTrempe PT, ATC

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