Michael H Rooney

by Michael H Rooney
(Rockhampton QLD Australia)

I had this surgery in a private hospital in Brisbane QLD Australia. I traveled to Brisbane from my home in Rockhampton to see a surgeon about what he may be able to do to relieve the pain in my lower back on the way down on the train i was accidentally elbowed in my lower back then on arrival i was knocked over in the street again accidentally. I was in so much pain i presented my self to the hospital where this surgeon worked and was admitted on August 4th for observation and treatment.

I had my L4/5 fused on 12th August 2010 4 days later I was back in surgery due to clotting at the surgery site. At this time i had a Laminectomy done.

There were problems with the over delivery of pain relief from the self administrating system so much I ended up in ICU for some days. The surgeon had asked before the first surgery where was the majority of the pain i advised in my back across the hips. He advised some weeks after surgery he operated to relieve the pain in my legs which at that time i had very little pain or discomfort in them. He advised me that i could come back another day and we could PLAY with trying to treat the back pain, nobody should be playing in treating back problems.I also have scoliosis.

What was supposed to be a 5 day stay in hospital turned into 23 days in a private hospital.
Since the surgery i have 24/7 pain in my legs, the pain in my back has not diminished at all if anything it is worse. I am now wearing Norspan 10mcg/hr pain relief patches. I refuse to go back near this surgeon as i am so disappointed with the out come of the surgery. I find sitting for more tan 10 minutes extremely painful in my lumbar area, walking is getting less than before surgery due to pain in my legs.

I will never go back near this surgeon. I will have to be verging on a wheel chair before i contemplate having further surgery and will never recommend this surgery to anyone.

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Jul 03, 2011
by: beyondthevail

wow do i know what you are talking about, I was blessed with Dr. Javed in Marietta, Ga. Five family members have had to have back surgery, their's has been in the lumbar area. I'm having cervical and lumbar done in the upcoming weeks.

Dr. Javed is one of the top, if not THE Top, neurologist/surgeon in the Atlanta area. He did my brother's surgery and is going to be doing mine as well, I wouldn't have anyone touch my back but a neurologist. PERIOD! I've seen horror results caused by orthopedic surgeons in close friends and family members --- all of them irreversible and leaving them in contorted condition.

You might visit Dr. Javed's website and contact his office for an evaluation --- oh, I might add a live person will answer the phone if they are in the office-- no answering machines. I have found their office personnel to be caring and lovely; and Dr. Javed's assistant is awesome as well.

Beyondthevail in Georgia wishing you well

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