medial meniscus tear

by Javed hussain
(Delhi India)

MRI indicates medial meniscus tear. i am on complete rest from last 2 months and doing exercises on doctor's advise. Now I am feeling much better than before. Some time I feel inflammation and pain also.

1. How can we know that what size this medial meniscus tear is ?
2. I am a sports photographer engage in highly active working conditions should i avoid surgery or not?

I recently turned 28, what would be future of my this medial meniscus if i avoid surgery.

Thanks for consider.

Javed hussain


Hi Javed,

Thanks for the question. The size of the meniscus tear can be determined by the MRI but size is only one consideration. Location of the tear and of course symptoms are also important. Some people have very large tears but their symptoms are minimal.

It is important to know that many people have meniscus tears and are able to function just fine. The issue is your symptoms. Deep squatting, impact activities, and twisting will aggravate the knee. Using ice to reduce swelling, a bike for range of motion, and doing strengthening exercise can help. This program may be enough for you to avoid surgery and if you can you should. An MRI alone should not be the reason to have surgery. Only have surgery if your symptoms (swelling, pain, limited function) continue. You really want to preserve your meniscus as removal may lead to early arthritic changes. If, however, your symptoms continue, especially with being quite active in your job, surgery may be necessary.

Hope this helps.

~JTrempe PT, ATC

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Sep 08, 2011
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