Lower Back Pain

by Mrs J.
(Ontario, Canada)

8 yrs ago I was rushed to hospital with severe back pain, I was unable to urinate and was vomiting. After a Cat Scan I was transferred to a larger teaching hospital. An MRI was performed and they suspected a large tumor on my lower spine, I did not know this until after my OP. My husband and I were shown the MRI and explained how all the nerves in the spine were badly crushed by this bulge. I was operated on and as soon as I awoke I realized something was wrong with my left leg and foot. I had severe tingling, burning, areas of numbness, pain, it felt terrible. The Surgeon hoped it would improve by six months time. I was in hospital for several weeks, when I was discharged I had to use a walker I was still unable to walk with out support, mainly because of my left leg and foot.

2 Years later I was admitted again because of terrible pain, this time they fused 3 discs, removed some bone splinters and some scar tissue. After this OP. I was unable to work and had to use a cane. I was in terrible pain, my meds just seemed to increase, I then developed Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and now see a Psychiatrist regularly. I was confined to the house for a year and a half because the morphine made me so drugged I was unable to drive.
Now in 2012 I have been receiving Pain Blockers on a regular basis for over a year now. I started going once a week, then every other week, now once a month. I go to a Pain Clinic for these treatments. I no longer have to take Morphine and have been able to reduce a lot of my meds. I am not completely pain free because I do have permanent nerve damage in my left leg and foot and unfortunately the needles have done nothing to improve the damage there, but they have improved the intense knife like pain that I had constantly at the base of my spine. This treatment does not work for everyone but I am fortunate, it works for me!!!

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