Lower back DDD L4 and L5

by Stephen
(United Kingdom)

Can inversion therapy aggrevate a DDD

I am visiting a chiropractor , is there any other therapy that would also be beneficial.



Inversion therapy can be a great therapy for DDD. The only caution I would suggest is if you are having leg pain. If you are having radicular symptoms, inversion therapy may aggravate these symptoms. As a physical therapist if you don't have these nerve symptoms I would definitely consider adding inversion therapy as a potential treatment option.

As for other treatment options, I would also suggest doing specific stretching that involves lumbar flexion. For specific pictures of these stretches, visit https://www.joint-pain-solutions.com/degenerative-disc-disease.html

I am also a big believer in utilizing ice to help minimize pain. Apply ice to your lower back, 10 minutes at a time a few times a day.

Between manual physical therapy or chiropractic, stretching, icing, inversion traction, and of course avoiding painful activities, DDD symptoms can greatly improve.

Good luck.

~JTrempe PT, ATC

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