LLD problem 13 weeks post op

by Jeff

I am now 13 weeks post op from a THR and my affected leg is now 1/4 inch (measured by my PT) longer than the other. My OS says that this is the case because the other hip is diseased & when it gets the new hip, I will have legs the same length. OS says he made the affected leg the way it is so to keep it as stable as possible & prevent dislocation. I want to avoid that surgery for as long as possible. I went to see OS as my back across from the affected side has been painful for over a month. And this with chiropractic, acupuncture & PT care. He was surprised that I could feel the difference. He suggests orthotics or lifts & fitting for new shoes. I have tried all of these & am still uncomfortable with pain becoming more prevalent in the un-affected hip, along with the back being out. Has anyone else had this problem after surgery & how did you make things better?

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