Laminectomy Surgery

Has laminectomy surgery been recommended for your lower back pain? Any surgery is one that should be considered with caution. What exactly is a laminectomy and what does this surgical procedure involve?

When Is A Laminectomy Recommended?

A laminectomy is generally performed when conservative treatment for spinal stenosis or in some cases a bulging disc is not successful. Conservative treatment most commonly involves physical therapy, medication, and epidurals. The lamina is part of the posterior arch of the vertebral body. If compression of the nerve roots or spinal cord continues, a laminectomy is recommended to help decompress the nerves/spinal cord and restore nerve function.

spinal stenosis

What Is A Laminectomy?

The simple definition of a laminectomy is the removal of the lamina of the vertebral body. To get an overview of what is done, watch this video:

What Can You Expect Following Surgery?

Recovery from a laminectomy varies based on the number of levels that are surgically involved, the length of the incision, and the specific technique used. Before surgery, have a detailed discussion with your surgeon regarding what to expect following surgery including the length of stay in the hospital, the length of time off from work, the expectation regarding pain relief, and potential complications to consider.

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