Knee Joint Pain?

Knee joint pain is the most common joint pain issue of the lower extremity. When your knee hurts, activity stops. Everyday activity such as walking, running, and going up and down stairs can be painful and difficult; all leading to a diminished quality of life. When your knee hurts, you need answers. What is the source of my knee pain? What can I do at home to get out of pain?

Use the following links to learn more about your knee condition help guide you on the road to pain relief.

knee pain

Knee Osteoarthritis

Arthritis of the knee is the most common cause of knee pain in aging adults. Knee arthritis does not have to mean surgery. Find out more about this disease and what you can do to reduce your arthritis pain.

Knee Replacement Surgery
In severe cases of arthritis, surgery to replace the knee is often recommended. Learn what to expect with this surgery and how you can prepare now for the rehabilitation process.

Bakers Cyst
Pain in the back of the knee is irritating. Not all posterior knee pain is due to muscles. Educate yourself about this condition and what you can do for it.

Meniscus Tear
Tears in the cartilage of the knee can create significant pain, catching, and limited motion. Learn what you can do to potentially avoid needing surgery.

ACL Surgery
Have you suffered an ACL tear? What does surgery involve? How long is the rehabilitation process and will you be able to get back to the activities you enjoy?

Knee Cap Pain
Pain in the front of the knee is a complicated injury. Quad strengthening alone will not fix the problem. Learn what you can do to get out of pain and back to activity.

Knee Sprain
Whether a seasoned athlete or a weekend warrior, a sprain can keep you on the sidelines. What is a knee sprain? How do you know if you have one? Is surgery always necessary? What can you do to reduce your knee joint pain?

IT Band Syndrome
IT band syndrome is a common knee injury, specifically in runners and cyclists. What exactly is the IT band? What are the symptoms of this condition? And most importantly, how can you minimize your knee joint pain?

Hamstring Strain
Have you sustained a hamstring injury? Hamstrings are the most commonly injured muscle in running related sports. Learn more about this common injury and the best treatment options.

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