Have I got finger arthritis?

by tom redmond

I've had very bad pain in my fingers for nearly 2 yrs now.I am a diabetic.and i have had an xray which showed nothing.I've been given an appointment to see a rheumatologist,but that is not till 2014.Its very sore and hard to open my fingers out every morning so would appreciate any advice.Thank you.

It is possible that you have some form of arthritis. Two years is quite a long time to be experiencing joint pain. That being said there is more than one kind of arthritis as well as other systemic issues that could be causing your joint pain. Generally osteoarthritis does show up on x-rays but other but there are other forms of arthritis that may not. It sounds like you are on the right path with following up with a rheumotologist for further testing.

In the mean time I would suggest minimizing activities that aggravate your symptoms. If it is arthritis taking anti-inflammatory medication on a regular basis should help.

Hope this helps. Good luck to you.

~JTrempe PT, ATC

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