Are You Experiencing
Hand Joint Pain?

Hand joint pain can have as great of an impact on function as any other condition. When our hands hurt, every day activities can become challenging and even impossible. Do you have hand arthritis? Is your finger joint pain associated with a trigger finger?

Knowing the cause of your hand pain is the first step in getting out of pain and back to functioning as normal. Learn more about various hand conditions and the best treatment options.

Hand joint pain

Thumb Joint Pain
The most mobile joint in the body is also the most important hand digit. Pain in the thumb can have a significant impact on function. Learn more about the source of this pain and how you can get back to normal function.

Finger Joint Pain
The cause of finger pain can be varied. Learn about what conditions can be causing your symptoms.

Jammed Finger
Many athletes experience this type of finger injury. What is a jammed finger and what is the best treatment for it?

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Do you find yourself dropping things? Is your thumb painful or numb? Learn if this nerve condition might be the cause of your pain.

Carpal Tunnel Surgery
Has a carpal tunnel release surgery been recommended recommended for your carpal tunnel symptoms? Learn more about this surgical procedure and what you can expect before going under the knife.

Trigger Finger
Does your finger click or get stuck? If you are experiencing this condition, know what options you have to feel better soon.

Dupuytren's Contracture
Dupuytrens contracture is a deformity of the hand that can lead to a significant amount of limited function. How does this condition occur? What kinds of treatments are available to treat this condition and is surgery always necessary?

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