Searching for Gout Pain Relief?

Have you been suffering from gout pain? Millions like you are searching for gout pain relief. What is gout and what are the treatment options? How do you know if your toe joint pain is caused by gout? What steps can you take to prevent gout pain?

What is Gout?

Gout is a painful arthritic condition caused by the buildup of uric in the blood (called hyperuricemia). This build up of uric acid is caused when chemicals called purines are broken down in the body and your kidneys are unable to eliminate them. This uric acid build up results in the creation of sharp urate crystals that accumulate around joints. These crystals often feel like glass or needles, resulting in significant pain.

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Although hyperuricemia is the cause of gout, the presence of increased uric acid does not mean you will develop gout.

What causes Gout?

If the buildup of uric acid is the cause of gout, what causes this build up to occur? Although doctors are not clear exactly what creates this hyperuricemia there does appear to be a genetic component. If you are male and have family member that had gout you are more likely to develop this condition.

Diet also plays a role as many foods contain purines including seafood, asparagus, organ meats (liver and kidneys), dried beans, peas, mushrooms, asparagus, and alcohol.

Other variables that can contribute to the development of gout include:

• Obesity

• Consistent use of aspirin or niacin

• Exposure to lead

• A history of organ transplant

• Extremely low calorie diet

• Fast weight loss

• Regular use of diuretic medication

Typical Gout Symptoms

The most common gout symptom is significant pain. Although symptoms can occur in hands, ankles, and knees, the most commonly effected joint is the big toe. Redness, swelling, heat, and limited joint motion are common. Symptoms can often occur suddenly without warning, with symptoms being significant at night.

Typical Treatment and Prevention Protocol

Gout pain relief can come from a variety of sources. Of primary importance is reducing pain and joint inflammation. Medications including NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), cortisone, prednisone, and Colchicine are often prescribed to reduce inflammation and inhibit uric acid crystals. Communicating with your doctor regarding current medication and use of vitamins or supplements is also important.

To help with long term gout pain relief and prevention, diet and exercise play an important role. Limit alcohol consumption (especially beer), exercise to help control weight, drink plenty of water, and minimize the consumption of food that contains purines. Foods with purines include: sardines, anchovies, herring, yeast, liver and other organ meat, mushrooms, spinach, asparagus, legumes, and cauliflower.

When significant attacks occur, the use of ice therapy can help to reduce the pain and swelling. The use of ice massage is particularly helpful. Fill Styrofoam cups with water and freeze them. Peel the top of the cup off, exposing the ice. Massage the ice over the painful area for 5 to 10 minutes.

toe ice massage


• Gout is caused by the buildup of uric acid in the body, causing urate crystals to form.

• Crystals accumulate around joints, most commonly the big toe.

• Family history, being male, obesity, alcohol consumption, and eating a diet containing purines contribute to the development of gout.

• Swelling, heat, inflammation, limited mobility, and significant pain are common symptoms.

• Gout pain relief can be achieved through medication, ice therapy, drinking plenty of water, exercise, and diet restrictions.

Gout can be an extremely painful condition. Follow the recommendations consistently to help control your gout symptoms.

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