Do you have a
Ganglion Cyst?

Do you have an unexplained bump on your wrist? It could be a ganglion cyst. These cysts can cause wrist joint pain or even foot joint pain. Should you be concerned? What causes these cysts and how can they be treated?

What is a Ganglion Cyst?

This cyst, also referred to as a bible cyst, most commonly occurs in the wrist or hands and occasionally in the feet. They are idiopathic meaning that they can occur for no specific reason without any specific cause. These fluid filled sacs are generally associated with tears in the sheath that surrounds tendons or the joint capsule. These tears can lead to synovial fluid collecting into the sac. This type of fluid is jelly like and rather thick.

ganglion cyst

These cysts may feel firm because of the pressure of the fluid but is not comprised of any tissue. The good news is that these cysts are harmless and generally only painful when they located in areas where they can be compressed.

Treatment Options

There are three options you have if you have a cyst:

First, you can do nothing. As they do not pose any harm, if they are not painful, they can be left alone.

A second treatment option is aspiration. This involves using a needle to remove the fluid in the cyst. Often the fluid is evaluated after being removed to confirm the type of fluid. In addition to having the fluid removed, cortisone may be injected into the area to minimize the potential of fluid returning.

The final option is surgery and should only be considered if aspiration has failed. Surgery involves removing both the fluid and associated tissue. Generally the procedure is done on an outpatient basis with minimal swelling and discomfort after the procedure.

Although cysts can be annoying and cosmetically unpleasant, they are not dangerous. If they do create pain, communicate with your doctor to determine the best treatment plan for you.

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