does a bulging disc affect the groin

I been diagnosed with a bulging disc years ago and until now it has been mostly pain in my back and a little in my leg. Now i have back pain and if feels like i've been hit in the groin just a constant ache there.I'm wondering if it the disk or something else?


Yes, it is possible for groin pain to be caused by a disc. Frequently the L5-S1 facet joint and related disc can refer pain into the groin. A physical therapist that does joint mobilizations to the facet joints can help minimize these symptoms.

Of course, the hip joint itself can also cause groin related pain. Typically hip joint pain will be aggravated with functional activities including getting in/out of a car, getting shoes and socks on/off, and getting pants on/off. If these activities aggravate the groin pain you may have a hip joint issue.

Hope this helps and good luck!

~JTrempe PT, ATC

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