What Is The Best
Diet For Arthritis?

In an effort to reduce joint pain, many choose to follow a specific diet for arthritis. But, with all kinds of testimonials out there, how do you know what recommendations you should follow?

Is there a difference between what foods would help arthritis symptoms from osteoarthritis versus symptoms from rheumatoid arthritis? Is there any research that we can use to help us make decision? Are there other natural treatments for arthritis?


Of course when developing a diet for arthritis it should be noted that there is a difference between choosing foods that help reduce the inflammation associated with arthritis joint pain and arthritis supplements. Both can have a great impact on the body and should both be considered as part of an overall treatment plan.

One of the challenges in recommending dietary changes is that there are far more human studies that evaluate supplements than address specific foods. From a research standpoint it is easier to evaluate adding a supplement to one’s normal routine than it is to track dietary changes. People also have a much harder time with implementing dietary changes than adding a daily supplement.

Food recommendations can be made by implementing what research shows about how certain compounds work in the body. For instance, studies indicate that sugar increases the inflammatory reaction in the body. Thus, we do not have to necessarily have a human study to determine if people increase their sugar intake that arthritis symptoms can increase.

Use the following information to help you determine what dietary changes might help your arthritis symptoms. But, don’t forget to use common sense when it comes to food choices.

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