by Deeb
(San Diego, CA USA)

Ahoy mateys! Thought that an appropriate greeting since we're all pretty much in the same boat. Some of us, such as myself, may have a bit less common a sea to sail (keeping with the nautical references :) To clarify, I too am in need of a hip reconstruction. However, I feel my proposed surgery is a bit more complicated due to a pre-existing condition. I have lymphodema of my right leg. I received the lymphodema as a parting gift from a previous surgery to remove what started out as one lymph node. My doctor opted for removing all outlying nodes just in case. The unfortunate problem with this decision is it caused me to develop the lymphodema. The best God has given me to explain what that is is to compare the lymph system in our legs to an elevator. The elevator brings lymphatic fluids up from the foot back into the pelvic region where it is eliminated. Without the lymph nodes in our legs our elevator is broke resulting in swelling in that leg. The swelling can be quite significant and alarming, to say the least. One day about three months post surgery, I woke up with my right leg, no exaggeration, twice as big as my left. Well if that won't send you to your doctor fast I don't know what will. I will have this swelling the rest of my life. I've adjusted and accepted, but it does give me pause in regard to the hip surgery. It's just not a normal looking limb so it has me concerned. If there is anyone who has had a similar situation or knows of someone who has, if you could share with me your experience I would be gratefully indebted. I have been "dragging my foot" on setting a date for surgery and it is really getting ridiculous. I have five children and a disabled husband, so it would be a good thing if I could get some first hand information as soon as possible. Just hoping to know a little better what to expect this time around. Thank you for reading.

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