cubital tunnel syndrome


I had cubital tunnel and carpal tunnel surgery on both arms 15 yrs ago. I have had chronic pain and numbness since this surgery was done. My elbows throb, and whenever I carry anything heavy it feels like the nerve is stretching. My elbow scars and area around them hurt terribly. I had recent nerve tests and shows the nerves are better but I also have either new Carpal tunnel or Chronic Issue. The dr I saw said there is nothing to be done. Is he right?


Any time a doctor says 'nothing can be done' it's time for another opinion. It simply means that he/she has run out of ideas. There are things that can be done including physical therapy, medications, and possibly supplements. As I am a physical therapist I know that evaluating what is termed 'nerve tension' would be first on my list. With previous surgeries scar tissue can limit the normal mobility of the nerve, causing nerve related symptoms. There are techniques we can use to help mobilize these nerves. There are also medications (example neurotin) that can help with nerve related pain. Bottom line is it's time to find another doctor to get a fresh perspective. In the mean time you can ask for a referral to a physical therapist and at least get that started while you search for a new doctor.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

~JTrempe PT, ATC

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