Carpal Tunnel Surgery Video

Could viewing a carpal tunnel surgery video be helpful for you? Carpal tunnel surgery is frequently recommended for significant carpal tunnel syndrome. Viewing carpal tunnel release videos can help you determine if surgery is right for you. When considering surgery for carpal tunnel, there is more than one option.

Understanding the difference between an open procedure and an endoscopic procedure can play a key role in deciding what doctor you choose and your long term outcome.

Open Carpal Tunnel Procedure

Surgery for carpal tunnel, most often termed a carpal tunnel release, involves releasing the median nerve from being pinched. This is accomplished by cutting the transverse ligament that forms the tunnel, thus decompressing the median nerve.

carpal tunnel

The surgical procedure itself has been improved over the last number of years. In the past an open procedure was the most common procedure. With the open procedure a large incision was cut in order to release the ligament. Because of the size of the incision, swelling, pain, and limited soft tissue mobility often resulted in longer recovery times.

Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Procedure

The endoscopic procedure for carpal tunnel release has become commonly the more popular surgical procedure for reducing carpal tunnel symptoms. With this procedure, generally two small incisions are made instead of one large one. The incisions allow a small camera to be inserted allowing the surgeon to view the carpal ligament as the ligament is cut. These smaller incisions result in less swelling, pain, and scaring compared to the open procedure.

Although recovery is generally a bit faster with the endoscopic approach, there are some studies that indicate the risk of damaging the median nerve is slightly higher with the endoscopic approach.

Before consenting to having any type of carpal tunnel surgery, consider the specific procedure that will be performed in addition to experience of the surgeon. The more information you have prior to surgery the greater the likelihood of a positive outcome.

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