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Back Pain Treatment Ideas?

If you are experiencing lower back pain, finding effective back pain treatment tips are worth their weight in gold. What back pain remedies work? What are the best lower back pain exercises? The challenge is that although symptoms may be similar, not all back conditions are the same. Despite this fact there are some general treatment ideas that are effective for all back injuries.

Postures and Positions

With a majority of back pain conditions, there are postures and positions that hurt and those that feel good. For instance, with a bulging disc , sitting and bending hurt while standing and walking generally feels better. The key with back pain treatment is to maximize those positions that feel good and minimize those that are painful.

For instance, people experiencing pain with bending and sitting may benefit from McKenzie exercises that emphasize extension.

As simple as it sounds, there are many that suffer from disc pain that can’t understand why their pain hasn’t improved when they spend a majority of their day sitting at work. Simply standing up every 30 minutes might be all that is necessary to minimize disc pain. Take home message? Listen to your body. If it hurts, don’t do it.

sitting posture


Any time there is pain, there is inflammation. Whether you chose to use anti-inflammatory medication is up to you and your doctor. I would say that although pain medication and muscle relaxants may seem like the best choices, the use of some type of anti-inflammatory medication can be extremely helpful. In addition, the use of ice therapy is a simple and very effective means of reducing inflammation. Do not underestimate the benefit of icing on a regular basis.


The key to effective low back treatment is in the selection of the specific lower back pain exercises to incorporate. Do the right exercises and feel better. Do the wrong exercises and your pain will get worse. There is simply is no one magic exercise that works for everyone.

That being said, follow the links below for specific lower back pain exercise routines based on the specific back condition:

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