Do You Have
Ankle Joint Pain?

Are you experiencing ankle joint pain? Arthritis, peroneal tendonitis, and even a fracture can all cause ankle pain. When our ankles hurt, every day activity like walking and standing can become a chore. What are the potential sources of your symptoms and more importantly what can you do for it?

If you are looking for solutions to your ankle pain, browse the pages below. Here you'll find information on potential sources of ankle pain and most importantly, effective treatment options.

Ankle Pain

Ankle Arthritis
The ankle joint like other weight bearing joints can undergo arthritic changes. Learn the symptoms of this type of arthritis and how the best treatment options.

Sprained Ankle
A twisted or sprain is the most common ankle injury. What exactly is a sprain? How long will it take to heal? Learn what to expect and what you can do to expedite your recovery.

Ankle Fracture
Does this type of fracture mean surgery? Learn more about this injury and typical treatment options.

Achilles Tendon Rupture
An Achilles rupture can be a significant injury. How do you know if you just have a strain or a rupture? If it has ruptured, can surgery be avoided?

Peroneal Tendonitis
Inflammation of this tendon can cause both irritation and at times snapping. Learn how this condition differs from other foot and ankle problems and what you can do for it.

Fibula Fracture
This bone is the most commonly injured lower leg bone. However, fracturing the fibula is often less debilitating than other fractures. Learn what you can expect with this injury.

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