5 Cafés for your Creative Juices!

5 Cafés for your Creative Juices!

每一个大学生, especially those who are studying from civil engineering universities in the metro, will need to study extensively whenever their exams draw near. Studying for an upcoming exam should be done in a quiet and conducive place. One of the best places to conduct your study session is in coffee shops.

Coffee shops or cafés have been around for many years and becoming a favorite spot of students to have their studying sessions. They make perfect studying spots since most coffee shops are peaceful and boost one’s productivity.

Planning to have your review in a coffee shop? We listed a few places you might want to go the next time you need a spot to study.




Location: G/F Wil Tower, Eugenio Lopez Drive, South Triangle, Tomas Morato, Quezon City

咖啡的皇冠hg8868新版-hg皇冠官网 is one of the sought-after cafés in the northern part of Manila. This coffee house has different shops around the metro, yet the Quezon City shop stands out amongst the other outlets. The place provides a complete exquisite and energizing experience because of its interesting interiors, which consists of perfectly organized blossoms and poppy ceiling fixtures.

Apart from its beautiful interior, the shop provides electrical plugs on each table, making it convenient for students who need to connect their laptops or tablets to complete their reports as well as their projects. 整体氛围, delectable dishes and drinks, and wonderful caffeine experience are few of the reasons why this coffee shop is perfect not only for those coffee lovers but for students, 太.

Sought-after meals: Café Mocha and Tuna Melt




Location: 106-C Maginhawa Street, Diliman, Quezon City

Theo’s Baked and Brewed is one of the popular dining destinations in Quezon City because of its scrumptious meals and fulfilling cups of coffee. Apart from their mouthwatering menu, the place is flocked by customers, especially by the students because of its cool vibe and conducive setting.

Sought-after meals: Buffalo Chicken Lollies and Hazelnut Green Tea Latte




Location: 67-A Maginhawa Street, UP Village, Diliman, Quezon City

酷豆图书馆Café is a haven for both coffee and book lovers.  This coffee house offers delicious meals, 一个小型图书馆, 还有一个平静的环境, which is perfect for studying for an exam or creating a presentation.

Coffee Beans Library Café is likewise known for its exceptional locally sourced coffee from Benguet, Kalinga, 和Sagada. A cup of this mix espresso is famous for its strong taste and will clearly stir anybody’s senses.

Sought-after meals: Herb-Crusted Cream Dory and Caramel Frost Blend


Books and Beans Café and Restaurant


Location: G/F Quad Alpha Centrum Building, 125 Pioneer Street, Mandaluyong City

For individuals who love coffee and books, Books and Beans Café and Restaurant might be a perfect choice. This coffee shop provides delectable dishes, 一杯热气腾腾的咖啡, and exciting reading experience to its customers. The library in this café contains over 650 books and magazines, consisting of different genres. 此外, it provides a soothing vibe for students, who are beating their deadlines through its colorful and comfy seats.

Sought-after meals: Cheesy Crunch Pasta and Salted Vanilla Caramel Coffee



Noli_TweedleBookCafe-30-620x413 from preen.调查报.网

Location: 106-B Scout Gandia Street, Sacred Heart, Tomas Morato, Quezon City

琴声咖啡馆 is truly a haven for both coffee lovers and bookworms. The coffee shop has an array of scrumptious dishes and refreshing drinks. You can indulge yourself with their crafted meals while reviewing your notes to ace an exam. What separates it to the other coffee-library shop is their bulk collection of books and comics, which ranges from non-fiction to fiction, both local and foreign titles.

Sought-after meals: Pinoy Breakfast Pasta and Iced Café Coco


The next time you’re looking for a place to have a productive study sesh, you might want to refer to this list!




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